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Hotels can’t get the small things right … continued

DSC02023Since I posted this story there has been a follow-up with even more (justifiable) moans from the public

Other dislikes include:

  • Conveyor belt toasters
  • Heavy duty duvets all year round
  • Tightly packed bedding that feel like a straitjacket
  • Not enough dog-friendly hotels – but that’s fine with me. I hate dogs in restaurants
  • Not enough shelf space in bathroom for toiletries
  • Staff ignoring “Do not Disturb” signs
  • Towels too small to wrap round your body
  • Towels made into animal shapes – I saw these in Cuba and thought they were quite charming
  • Not enough sockets by bed. Yes, I had to unplug lamp to plug in phone charger
  • Shower curtains that stick to you body – never accept a room without a decent shower (even if that means nagging management to change shower head as I did recently)
  • Out of date brochures for local attractions
  • Room safes too small to hold a laptop.

All we want is decent customer service!

Original post (17/10/16)

The Times travel section has identified a list of things which it believes irritates us when staying in hotels.

  • Room -orientation tours – isn’t that just touting for a tip?
  • Overcomplicated light switches – absolutely agree. In Lithuania last week I still hadn’t worked out all the possible combination when I left. And getting back to your room to find your iPad or phone hasn’t charged because you turned off the power by mistake….
  • Too short kettle cords – yes, I was on my knees looking for a socket.
  • Tiny teacups – or it my case those glasses they serve cafe latte in. I hate them.
  • UHT milk – horrible stuff, couldn’t agree more.
  • Klepto-proof clothes hangers – not see those for a while.
  • Bad Art – try a literary themed room!
  • Gauzy white curtains – or wooden venetian blinds which also let the light in.
  • Hairdryers – not a problem last time but I know what they mean about the wall mounted ones.
  • Wet rooms – not experienced them but dodgy showers are just as bad. Had to complain three times before they changed shower head and it became a proper shower.
  • Arty sinks – can’t fit a kettle under tap and awkward access. Absolutely.
  • Sewing kits & shoe polishers – not a problem for me along with shoehorns and free slippers.
  • Toothpaste – yes, would be helpful.
  • Freezing air con – it’s the noise for me but I had opening windows so not too bad except for street noise
  • Pillow mountains – definitely. I end up piling them on settee or on floor.
  • Mini-bar prices – probably still are a rip-off but I never use them.
  • Premium wi-fi – not a problem in Lithuania where I was but strongly object to paying for it in UK.
  • Breakfast that stops at 0800 – never experienced that. 1000 or later is my experience.
  • No baked beans – obviously a Brit thing.

Any further ideas send them to The Times!

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